How do I create a single card?

  1. Place your mouse pointer over the Cards menu.
    The Cards menu options are displayed.
  2. Place your mouse pointer over the Create Card menu option.
    More menu options are displayed.
  3. Click the Single menu option.
    The Create Card page is opened.
  4. Select the Card Type to be used to generate the card.
  5. Select the Currency of the new card.
  6. Enter the Amount that is to be loaded onto the card after the card is generated.
    Click the Forex calculator link to estimate the load amount based on Forex rates.
  7. Select the Funding Account to load the card from.
  8. Optionally, click the Scheduled Loads [+] link to have the card loaded with funds later.
    For more information on scheduled loads, see What are scheduled loads? and Do I need to load the card at creation?.
  9. Optionally, set the Clearance Date.
    You can only set the Clearance Date if you create at least one scheduled load. For more information on the clearance date, see What is a clearance date?.
  10. Optionally, click the Additional Details [+] link to add more details.
    For more information on additional details, see What are additional details used for?).
  11. Click the Create button to create the new card.
    The card is created and the Card Details page is displayed.