How do I email card images and details?

  1. Place your mouse pointer over the Cards menu.
    The Cards menu options are displayed.
  2. Click the Manage Cards menu option.
    The Manage Cards page is opened.
  3. Click the value in the Card Reference column for the row that represents the card for which you want to email images and details.
    The Card Details page is opened.
  4. Click the E-mail button that is located below card images.
    The Email Card Image page is opened.
  5. Enter the Email Address of the recipient.
  6. Enter the Invoice Amount and select the Invoice Currency.
  7. Optionally add Accompanying Text.
    • Select None from the Accompanying Text drop-down list to send the email with no accompanying text.
    • Select Custom Text from the Accompanying Text drop-down list to add text to the email.
    • Select Template from the Accompanying Text drop-down list (if available) to use one of the templates that are configured for your installation.
  8. Click the Send button to send card images and details to the recipient.
    Note: The recipient will not receive card images or card details directly to their email address. They will receive a link that they can use to view card images and card details.
    The Email History section of the Card Details page is displayed
  9. View the status of the email in the Email History section on the Card Details screen.
    This section contains a log entry for every email sent for this card.
  10. Click the x icon in the Actions column to expire the link manually.

    The link sent by email expires automatically in the following situations:

    • When the card is deleted
    • When the link has been opened three times
    • When a new link is sent by email for this card (only one link can be active at a time for one card)

    If the link is expired, its recipient is no longer able to view particular card images and card details.