How do I link a new bank account?

  1. Place your mouse pointer over the Funds menu.
    The Funds menu options are displayed.
  2. Click the Linked Bank Accounts menu option.
    The Linked Bank Accounts page is opened.
  3. Click the Link Account button in the top right corner to link a new bank account.
    The Link Bank Account page is opened.
  4. Enter the bank account details:
    1. Enter an Assigned Account Name: This is a name for your bank account that will identify it our system.
    2. Enter the Account Holder's Name: This is the name of the owner of the bank account as provided to the bank. If you don't know this name, check your bank statement.
    3. Select the Bank Account Currency: This is the currency of your bank account.
    4. Select the Bank Location: This is the country of origin, that is the country where your bank branch is located.
    5. Enter the Bank Name: This is the full bank name.
    6. Enter the Bank Address: This is the street address of your bank.
    7. Enter the Branch Address: This is the street address of your bank branch.
    8. Enter the IBAN Number: This is the International Bank Account Number. Make sure that you provide the full IBAN number including the two-letter country code at the beginning.
    9. Enter the Bank Code: This is the code used to uniquely identify your bank in the country of origin.
    10. Enter the Branch Code: This is the code used to uniquely identify your bank branch in the country of origin.
    11. Enter the Account Type: This information helps identify the type of account.
    12. Enter the Account Number: This is the local bank account number, that is the account number as used within your country of origin.
    13. Enter the SWIFT Code: This is the international standard code that identifies your bank branch but not the account. If you don't know your bank branch SWIFT code, check your bank statement or contact your bank to provide you with this information.
  5. Click the Continue button to link a new bank account.
Important: For your security, Ixaris needs to verify your account information. When you link a new account, send a bank statement to your Ixaris Professional Services Manager. This bank statement must be recent (up to 3 months old). It must have your account holder name, your IBAN/account number, and the bank logo. If you do not provide Ixaris with this information, it may cause delays when you try to deposit or return funds.